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A Glimpse of Something Odd

Feckin' Weird, Yo

I'm your local jaded pagan-treehugging-political-democratic-prochoice-civilrights activist. I used to care, get involved and voice my opinion at high decibles, but realized the futility and turned off the news.
I last willingly watched the news on Doomsday (Nov 2nd, 2004). Before then, it was the day the Iraqi war started.

I'm in college, and I love it. I got out of my town, and am so glad that I did, when I did, why I did.

Binghamton kicks ass.

I'm also a hopeless romantic who kinda gave up on the prospect of anyone doing the 'sweep you off your feet' thing.

I like medievalism, and peach schnapps is the shit.
Whatever, my attention span died.